Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Night Out On The Town

Today I was hanging out with one of my friends and we decided that we wanted to do something together tonight, but weren't really sure what we wanted to do. So, we decided to ask another mutual friend of ours if he wanted to do anything with us, since he usually has some sort of sense of what's going on around Rochester. We decided that the three of us would hit up one of the coffee hot spots downtown and then head over to a show at RIT for a bit.
Around 9ish, we all met up and headed over to Java's for a bit. Java's is literally my favourite coffee shop in Rochester. Well, there might be a better one, but I haven't been to it yet if there is! The three of us hung out there for a while, talking and hanging out, laughing and just kind of having a blast until it was time to head over to RIT for the show.

Katie and I at the Lovin' Cup for Revision's show

The band Revision was playing at this little bar on RIT's campus called the Lovin' Cup. The band was pretty sweet, and the three of us were having a blast listening to music, jamming out in our own little way. There was a group of people up towards the front of the stage dancing like crazy, and obviously drunk, and we couldn't help but laugh at them. That was until one girl decided the single me out. I became her "project" for the night. She noticed that I really wasn't dancing, and neither was my friend Katie, so she came over and dragged the two of us up to the front to get us to dance, all the while Sen sat back and laughed. Now, I really don't dance, and when I try, I just end up looking stiff and awkward. This girl had obviously noticed this and was trying to make my dancing not quite as awkward. I found this to be hysterical. She kept grabbing my hips and trying to get me to sway them more, grabbing my arms and trying to get me to move them, grabbing my shoulders to get me to loosen up. She would yell into my ear, "When I went to my first concert, I barely danced! I used to be JUST LIKE you!" All I could think to myself was, "Just like me? You mean sober?" and I would laugh. She would go off and dance like a maniac, but if she looked over at me and noticed I wasn't dancing, she would come over to try and get me to dance more. Eventually, I got tired of it and headed back to stand with Sen in the back in hopes of escaping. This worked for me, but unluckily not for Katie. When she decided to come back and join Sen and I again, this girl came back and dragged her back up to the front. Luckily Katie wanted to dance more than I ever did and was a good sport about the whole thing. All in all though, this girl had us laughing pretty hard for most of the night.
Once the concert was over, Katie and I were sitting at a table together waiting for Sen who was talking to one of the guys in the band. As we were sitting there, the drummer from Revision came up and started talking to us. Now, I hate to say it, but long ago I discovered something about being a girl who goes to concerts. I discovered that if you get the chance to talk with either one of the merch guys or a band member, if you flirt a little bit, you can often get some sort of free-be. So, being slightly savvy on this, I admit, I flirted a little bit with the drummer while talking about the concert and such. The pay off for this? About half way through the conversation he stopped and said, "Hold on, lemme go grab you a cd." Score. He came back with the cd and Sen came over and joined us, and the four of us talked for a little bit. Needless to say, we're going to be trying to get these guys up to Roberts at some point for a show and we got a free cd out of it!
By this point it was close to 1:30 in the morning and we decided that it was about time to head back to school. So, we climbed back in the car and talked and laughed about all the fun and craziness that had gone down. And I still can't dance.