Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Tale of Two Men

Six and a half years ago a man stepped into my life who changed everything.
He fell in love with my wonderful mother, my amazing brother, and I.
He married my mother only five and a half years ago, and quickly became another father to my brother and I, loving us like we were his own children.
He showed us what a relationship was supposed to look like.
He raised the bar for any friendship, any relationship, any man who would come in my life.
He taught us how to love and be loved.
This past Saturday, April 9th, 2011, my amazing stepfather, David, slipped into eternity to forever be with his savior.

Two months ago, I met a man who stepped into my life almost the same way David did. 
I met him quite by accident, but we quickly became friends. 
Best friends. 
He made it clear that he was interested in pursuing me beyond a friendship, interested in dating me. 
He wanted my mother and stepfather's approval first, and I felt the same. 
When David fell ill almost four weeks ago now, we were hoping to meet with my parents once he returned to health in order to get their approval of our relationship. 
When David went into the hospital, this wonderful man offered to drive me to the hospital any time I wanted to see David and my mother there. 
We went twice.
The first time, David was not entirely there, slipping in and out of consciousness, rambling nonsense with a couple moments of clarity, enough to tell me he loved me, that he wanted a hug, and how beautiful the thinks I am. 
But the second time, he pulled a fast one on all of us. 
He had my friend sit down and interviewed him.
I had never asked him to do such a thing. 
At the end of his "interview", David reached out his hand to my friend and gave not only his approval for him to date me, but his blessing
Three days later, he passed away. 
Two days after that, on April 11th, 2011, I started dating my best friend Jonathan. 

I don't think it is possible for me to express what an interesting conundrum it is to lose one incredible man in my life and gain another in the span of a few days. 
But, I am incredibly blessed none the less.