Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'm on break.
Having recently passed my road test *celebration dance*, this is the first break that I have had where I have not been "stuck" in Avon.
I have the ability to escape to local coffee shops, libraries, etc. if I need somewhere else to... do homework.
Yes, I am the lame college kid who goes home for February break and does a MOUNTAIN of homework. Judge all you like, but I have all but finished my senior seminar book, and done a huge amount of editing and research :)
That being said, the other day (more like evening, but whatever) I decided to go down to the Avon Public Library to get some reading and editing done while my mom and brother were at community group.
It was a productive evening, and I headed back to pick the fam up right on schedule.

Now, my mom recently bought a brand new Chevy Cruze.

It is a BEAUTIFUL car! And it's super fun to drive :) 
It also came with one of those special On Star rear-view mirrors. 
I feel safer on the road knowing that with one press of a button, I can have emergency vehicles, a tow-truck, or spare gas if I ever run out. 
Unfortunately, the placement of these buttons is not ideal. 

Yep. Those little buttons are right above the little flippy thing that shifts your rear-view mirror from shining headlights into your face to not. 
So, as I'm on my way to retrieve my family, the person behind me's headlights are shining in my face.
I reach up to flip the mirror, only to be rewarded with my radio turning off and a ringtone coming through the speakers. 
I hang up quickly. 
I figure out how to flip the mirror and continue down 5&20. 
Not 30seconds later, the car starts ringing again. 
I press the answer button on the steering wheel and call out, "Hello?" 
"On Star Emergency, this is Travis. What is your emergency?"
"Uh... Hi! I, uh, was trying to switch my rear-view mirror thingy so the headlights weren't in my face. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to press the button!"
"That's okay ma'am. We just have to call back to make sure that you are alright."
"I'm fine! I'm so sorry!"
"You're fine ma'am. Have a good day."
"Sorry again! Goodnight!"

I'm pretty sure my face was just about as red as my mother's new car. 

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Sarah Marie Johnson said...

Ah that sounds terrible! At least they were nice about it :) Drive back to Roberts soon, kay?